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The Advisory Board Company | YCD Multimedia

The Advisory Board Company needed an engaging user experience in the members' area of their conference center.

YCD Multimedia assisted in providing the custom content engine for the 12x2 video wall designed.

Using Cnario Digital Signage Suite, YCD Multimedia enabled the ability to create, upload, and manage content while also providing a dynamic user experience.

Many Hands. One Solution.

YCD's Content Engine Shines In Custom Video Wall Install For The Advisory Board Company

The effect of this video wall is stunning and we are convinced it makes a powerful statement about the center and our company.

Nyere Hollingsworth
Program Manager of Audio Visual Services for The Advisory Board Company on YCD Multimedia's Cnario Digital Signage Suite

The Advisory Board Company is a highly respected research analysis and consulting firm servicing global enterprises in primarily the healthcare and higher education industries. As a company highly focused on forward thinking, and the utilization of advanced technology, The Advisory Board Company sought to create a highly engaging, immersive members' space that physically represented their commitment to those ideals.

The members' space is a crucial, high traffic part of the Advisory Board's Conference Area. "It is here that the Advisory Board Company introduces members to the full-breadth of their offerings and capabilities, establishing vital working relationships with their members," says Nyere Hollingsworth, Program Manager of Audio Visual Services for The Advisory Board Company. The challenge was to create an interactive, compelling AV system able to stream large amounts of easily customizable, event-specific content, with additional functionality as an overflow learning center if necessary.

Initially, the Advisory Board Company was unsure of how to go about achieving this goal. After considerable research they decided to enlist the help of a multi-disciplined team of AV industry experts including: Avitecture, Planar, C&G and Synect. Due to YCD Multimedia's exceptional reputation for delivering high quality results to their clients, they were also brought in as essential team members for this project.

Together this team developed a customized AV system that would meet The Advisory Board Company's needs. An unusual 12 screen long 2 screen high custom video wall framework was designed and installed by Avitecture to fill the space perfectly. Planar provided the high quality Clarity Matrix display array that was fitted seamlessly between the slate paneling already present along the members' area wall. A critical element for the success of the Advisory Board installation was establishing, creating and streaming engaging, unique content for the video wall. C&G Partners worked with video wall experts Synect Media and YCD to define the content strategy for the custom, large format display.

One of the final and most important aspects of this project was spear-headed by YCD. They were tasked with providing a content management system (CMS) that would give The Advisory Board Company the highly interactive, engaging and customizable environment they desired. YCD met this need by using their Cnario Digital Signage Suite to create a user-friendly, endlessly customizable system that could be easily adjusted with informational or eventspecific content as necessary.

High-quality, high resolution visuals along with real-time information and data were the core content elements that made up the video wall playlist. Synect Media created video wall templates, designed and programmed the dynamic feeds over the multi display installation, and provided subject matter expertise.

Through YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite, content was streamed and integrated into a dynamic user experience and included information like, the day's agenda, the company's mission statement, information about their products and services, schedule of events for event attendees, news updates from the company's corporate website, new and future offerings from the Advisory Board Company, and other dynamic feeds. These are synchronized across all 24 screens to provide visitors with a high-impact experience and essential information about The Advisory Board Company. By using Cnario, The Advisory Board Company could also upload, manage and even create new content on their own with ease.

The end result? A state-of-the-art AV system that is as functional as it is visually stunning. The Advisory Board was exceptionally pleased with the contributions of YCD Multimedia and their partners. Nyele expressed his enthusiasm, and satisfaction with the video wall saying, "We have complex and unique content to depict, which is also rich and beautiful to any viewer's eye. The effect of this video wall is stunning and we are convinced it makes a powerful statement about the center and our company."

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