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Perry Ellis International was looking for a way to transform their in-store experience and provide a digital media element.

YCD was hired to create a solution that would immerse shoppers in the Perry Ellis brand and streamline digital marketing.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite gave the ability to remotely manage content and seamlessly stream video to attract customers.

Perry Ellis Dresses Stores with Digital Signage

Cnario Suite embraces the innovative style of Perry Ellis to provide cutting-edge digital signage to retail stores.

YCD's smart digital media solutions mark a revolution in managing in-store media at Perry Ellis.

Gary Rubin
President of Retail at Perry Ellis

The perfect combination of casual comfort and sophistication, Perry Ellis International has become a household name in the US for their reputation as a leader in men's and women's apparel and accessories. The brand has innovated the American market for nearly thirty years and continually raise the bar in the fashion industry. Perry Ellis was looking to create a special shopping experience incorporating digital media elements into their stores to promote products and attract new customers, starting with their pilot store at Dolphin Mall.

YCD partnered with the creative and IT teams at Perry Ellis to design a unique media solution to improve their retail shopping experience. YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite was used to successfully create several dynamic, multi-zone digital media displays, designed specifically to fit Perry Ellis retail stores. Two 15" screens were installed at the register to promote products, including accessories, available at point of sale. Two 52" video walls were constructed in the window displays, which distributed brand content to attract shoppers and drive traffic into the store. The focal point of the project consisted of three, side-by-side 52" screens which allowed for one large digital display. The video wall was located behind the register as the center-point of the store and informed shoppers of current promotions and styles. Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled all of the content to be remotely managed from the Miami headquarters.

YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite has significantly improved Perry Ellis' ability to manage in-store marketing and has streamlined operational efficiencies. Gary Rubin, President of Retail at Perry Ellis, praised YCD saying, "YCD's smart digital media solutions mark a revolution in managing in-store media at Perry Ellis. It has allowed us to edit, distribute and manage all the marketing content remotely, quickly and easily from HQ." He continues saying, "We have received very positive feedback on the Dolphin Mall pilot from store associates and customers and there is no doubt that this is the future of in-store marketing. I am certain that we will continue to partner with YCD as we look to expand this program for more stores."