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Mifal HaPais, the National Israel Lottery, needed help in establishing a country-wide digital signage network.

YCD Multimedia was brought in to design a multi-phased digital signage solution.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled Mifal HaPais to better service customers with up-to-date information and live broadcasts of drawings.

Cnario Suite is the winning ticket for Israel's National Lottery

Digital signage is just what Mifal HaPais needed to organize, coordinate and improve customer communications.

Talk about hitting the jackpot. Mifal HaPais, the national lottery of Israel, is the only licensed organization that is allowed to conduct betting services in the country. For people looking to take a chance on winning big, Mifal HaPais is the place to go. In fact, people in the area feel so lucky, Mifal HaPais collects an estimated $1.3 billion USD revenue each year. But there was a problem.

Mifal HaPais offers eight different gaming options which all vary from drawing frequency and payout prizes that can be played at one of over 2,000 franchises thought-out the country. The lottery organization wanted to provide their customers with up-to-the-minute information on drawing results, game advertisements and have the ability to cut to live broadcasts of actual drawings at all franchises. This real-time network would help connect their customers and generate additional revenue through ad sales.

YCD Multimedia, in collaboration with their partner CTV, designed a multi-phase digital signage solution at the Mifal HaPais headquarters. Using YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite, the network was able to launch to over 1,000 remote locations during the first phase alone. Cnario Suite allowed for an array of different playback types including video, audio, live feeds, advertisements and information – all unique to each channel over the network.

Cnario Suite also gave Mifal HaPais the ability to remotely access and monitor all the elements within the digital signage network. Additionally, operators on set for the live drawings were also granted access the network and ability to activate live streaming feeds. Cnario Suite integrated trigging system allowed for seamless transitions between live drawings and commercial content in a safe and secure way.

Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishments… the entire network was created and deployed within a three-month time frame.

With the help of YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite, Mifal HaPais now can better serve its customers providing them with updated information about all the latest services, games and live drawing results. The network has opened new horizons for effective and targeted communication based on business rules, location and audience.  Thanks to Cnario Suite, Mifal HaPais' new network is a win-win.

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