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Giraffas | YCD Multimedia

Giraffas, a Brazilian restaurant chain, needed to entice customers to their new U.S. locations in Miami.

YCD was brought in to provide a state-of-the-art digital signage solution to attract and engage potential U.S. customers.

Using their Cnario Digital Signage Suite, YCD offered a complete solution providing digital menu boards, inlaid wall displays and over-the-counter videos.

Digital Signage brings the rich flavor of Brazil to Miami

Cnario Suite provides interactive digital signage for new Brazilian restaurant chain in Miami.

Giraffas and DPZ hope that YCD continues to play a key role in our growth in the U.S. and other countries where we do business.

Carlos Vargas
U.S. DPZ Representative

If you want to experience the food and culture of Brazil, go to Miami. That's where well-established Brazilian restaurant chain Giraffas recently opened their first U.S. locations. With over 350 restaurants throughout Brazil, the 30-year-old Giraffas chain decided it was time to introduce America to their affordable cuisine and cozy dining environments.

Giraffas decided the best way to make Americans comfortable with their vast menu choices was to employ the latest state-of-the-art promotional technology. They wanted to give American customers an experience that would immediately impart the quality and sumptuousness of their menu choices yet do it in a way that was consistent with their image and reputation.

Giraffas and partner DPZ turned to YCD for the perfect solution. YCD needed to engage customers at specific touch points throughout each restaurant without spoiling the cozy, friendly atmosphere. Integrating digital signage solutions where customers place orders by utilizing digital menu boards and by strategically placing inlaid wall displays and entertainment videos, Cnario Suite seamlessly introduced the Giraffas brand to American diners at the new U.S. Giraffas restaurants.

Cnario Digital Signage Suite gave Giraffas the ability to interact with customers and control promotions across all of their locations. With customized digital signage throughout Giraffas' U.S. restaurant locations, YCD Multimedia helped U.S. customers quickly acclimate to the unique Brazilian dining experience.

Carlos Vargas, the U.S. Representative for DPZ, praised YCD saying, "Giraffas hopes to continue to grow in the U.S., Brazil and other countries where they currently do business or plan to in the future, and as a partner of Giraffas, we at DPZ hope that YCD continues to play a key role in this growth."