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Ed Hardy was expanding their retail stores in Australia and the UK and needed a digital signage solution that could live up to the brand's cutting-edge style and offer a unique shopping experience.

YCD was brought in to captivate and immerse shoppers in the Ed Hardy lifestyle.

Using Cnario Digital Signage Suite, numerous digital media solutions were constructed to give shoppers a unique and engaging experience that only Ed Hardy could provide.

Digital Signage Rocks Ed Hardy Retail Stores

Cnario Suite provides bold and interactive digital signage to expanding Ed Hardy bowling, bar and retail locations.

YCD Multimedia, with their suite of digital media solutions, was one of the only vendors out there pushing those boundaries.

Robert Farrell
Chief Operations Officer of Ed Hardy Australia and New Zealand

Edgy. Bold. Sharp. All words used to describe the unique flair of the Ed Hardy brand. Founded in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, Ed Hardy is more than just a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle. Created by famed tattoo artist, Don Ed Hardy, the collection is donned with his exclusive artwork. Marrying tattoo sketches and fashion, Ed Hardy has become an iconic brand with a cutting-edge reputation. With over forty international locations, Ed Hardy was expanding their retail stores in the UK and Australia. Additionally, their bowling alley and bar facilities needed a way to interact better with customers. As a brand known for pushing the boundaries, Ed Hardy needed a way to deliver the exclusive experience to their shoppers in a way that would live up to their reputation. YCD offered a solution that complemented the brand perfectly and delivered the Ed Hardy lifestyle directly to the customers.

YCD Multimedia, working with their partner Mediaplay, provided Ed Hardy with a digital signage solution fit for their iconic style. YCD's Cnario Digital Signage Suite gave shoppers a custom experience they could never forget. Cnario Suite gave customers an exclusive musical experience by allowing them to choose music and videos to play simply by using a phone to text in their selection. This unique feature enticed shoppers to stay and browse longer as they waited for their song to play. The content was displayed on 50-inch LCD screens and a large video wall. Also displayed were signature graphics, celebrity images, promotions and fashion reels that played seamlessly through the Cnario Suite software. In the Rockstar Bowling Alley and Bar, screens displayed food and drink specials while boasting a separate music zone, which complemented the neighboring Vodka Bar.

All of the content shown is remotely managed, which provides consistency with brand standards. Expansion continued throughout Australia and the UK which utilized YCD's interactive touch-screen technology. Rob Farrell, Chief Operations Officer of Ed Hardy Australia, praised YCD saying, "We are always trying to push the boundaries on what we can offer our guests in both leading technology and cool interactive experiences. YCD Multimedia, with their suite of digital media solutions, was one of the only vendors out there pushing those boundaries."

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