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Arcaffé | YCD Multimedia

Arcaffé, an Italian-inspired café chain, needed help introducing new products and seasonal offers to customers.

YCD Multimedia was brought to deliver this messaging in a memorable and inviting way.

Cnario Suite Digital Signage Suite increased customer awareness by 30% while providing real-time reporting to optimize Arcaffé's sales results.

Digital Signage Proves The Espresso Isn't The Only Thing 'Hot' At The Café

Thanks to Cnario Suite, an Italian-inspired café chain is now able to offer customers a fully immersive, interactive experience.

(It's) the ultimate solution for our needs... it allows us to market our new menu efficiently and consistently...

Michael Azulay
Vice President of Marketing at Arcaffé

In the past, it was hard for people living in Israel to know what is was like to sit at an Italian espresso bar. The tastes, sights and experience was virtually unheard of to most people in the region. That was until Arcaffé opened its doors.

Arcaffé is an Israeli-based company that offers customers a unique and luxurious experience of flavors, fragrances and culture of a "local" Italian café. Growing in popularity with locations now throughout Israel and Europe, Arcaffé found they were falling behind on informing customers of their ever expanding product line-up and ordering options. They needed an easy and engaging way to present their customers with new products.

YCD Multimedia was brought in to create a solution specific to Arcaffé's unique needs. Using their flagship product, Cnario Suite, YCD was able to introduce customers to new products in a memorable and inviting way all while staying true to Arcaffé's already well-established brand. Cnario Suite had the power to deliver attention-grabbing and engaging digital signage like no other. Customers were treated to one-of-a-kind audio-visual experiences that gave them the feel of true Italian elegance while delivering strong, call-to-action messaging.

Unlike other platforms, Cnario Suite also offers an advanced scheduling option. This allowed Arcaffé to show customers a dynamic mix of both visual and audio signage for time and seasonal-based product offers. For example, breakfast promotions ran in the morning before seamlessly transiting to lunch and dinner options throughout the day. Arcaffé found this to be a very effective way to help show all of their products, especially when they introduced new prepared-food products.

Cnario Suite also offers real-time reporting. This gave Arcaffé managers the ability to assess the impact of a campaign and dynamically make changes to optimize their sales. The results spoke for themselves.

Thanks to YCD's Cnario Suite, Arcaffé reported double-digit increases in sales of their promoted items and customers recalled 30% of new product lines, compared to 5% with television advertising.

"(It's) the ultimate solution for our needs," said Michael Azulay, VP of Marketing at Arcaffé, when asked about the effectiveness of Cnario Suite. "It is an innovative way to show Arcaffés unique variety of products. It allows us to market our new menu effectively and consistently deliver the right commercial messages."