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American Airlines' new Terminal 9 location at JFK Airport featured a massive mural and wanted a way to allow for passengers to interact with the art in an engaging way.

YCD Multimedia's Cnario Digital Signage Suite enabled content to be seamlessly displayed, creating a digital version of the artwork.

American Airlines was able to give passengers a unique and engaging artistic experience through the use of this digital signage.

Digital Signage Brings the "Skyline of the World" to Life

Art comes to life with the help of digital signage in American Airlines' Terminal 9 at JFK Airport.

American Airlines was founded in 1926 and is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Considered the world's largest airline, American Airlines operates an extensive domestic and international network with the largest fleet.  When the highest-earning airline opened their hub in terminal 9 at JFK Airport, travelers were captivated by the massive mural created by New York based Italian American artist Matteo Pericoli entitled "Skyline of the World." American Airlines wanted to find a way to make this mural an interactive experience for its waiting passengers.

The impressive mural spans 400 feet wide and over 50 feet high across a 65-foot-high wall. The piece depicts landmark buildings from across the world compiling a single skyline. Four hundred and fifteen unique buildings from 70 different cities are featured in the mural including the JFK terminal, the Tate Modern in London and the Einstein Tower in Germany. While viewers loved the mural, they were challenged with distinguishing each of the buildings and requested help. YCD Multimedia partnered with Full Circle Media to provide an innovative digital signage solution that enabled spectators to receive information about each specific building in an engaging manner. YCD Multimedia's Cnario Digital Signage Suite was utilized to make this vision a reality. From conception and design to the completion of the project, YCD worked effortlessly to ensure the delivery of the content was virtually seamless.

To offer the viewers a solution, YCD and American Airlines created a digital directory that visually complimented the artist's mural while providing an engaging experience. The solution was comprised of an eye-catching series of five, 46-inch screens which showcased an animated representation of the mural. Content detailing and identifying each of the famed structures was displayed with fluid picture quality through the Cnario Digital Signage Suite. The video loop, which was two and a half minutes long, highlighted each set of buildings while providing spectators with pertinent information.

While watching the video, passengers were able to glance at the massive mural as they followed along. Cnario Suite allowed the blending of physical and digital art to create a dynamic and engaging experience, unique to this American Airlines terminal. This revolutionary experience has excited travelers and has given them a stimulating alternative to idle wait time.