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A.S. Adventure, a Belgian outdoor and action company, needed a way to draw visual attention in a unique way at their new Belgium location.

YCD was commissioned to create a solution that would attract customers to the store which was situated in a low-traffic area of the mall.

Using Cnario Digital Signage Suite the video wall was brought to life and displayed a series of videos containing inspiration, information and promotions that thoroughly engaged shoppers.

Digital Signage Allows Shoppers to Feel Like an Adventurer

Cnario Suite has enabled a Belgian active lifestyle company to immerse customers in a unique and interactive shopping experience.

For many, walking through a shopping mall can be a painful experience. The shops seem to blend from one store to another; all offering the same clothes, the same sales, the same message. A.S. Adventure set out to change this and improve the dynamic shopping experience.

A.S. Adventure is a Belgian retail company that caters to people with active lifestyles, offering everything from clothing and equipment to accessories. From traveling and camping to skiing and beachwear, A.S. Adventure has it all. One major challenge stood in their way as the company opened a new store in a large shopping mall in Antwerp, Belgium. The retail location was in a less-than-optimal corner spot, with poor visibility. They needed a way to visually attract the attention of potential customers and illustrate how they make shopping different.

YCD and their partner ThisPlays2 created a digital signage solution that augmented visibility and engaged shoppers in a way no one else could. A.S. wanted their shoppers to feel like they were walking through the real world, not just the various departments of their store. YCD's Cnario Suite did the unthinkable and brought the outdoors to life inside via digital signage. Customers were immersed in a variety of adventurous settings and engaged in a unique, dynamic shopping experience.

A large video wall was constructed in the shape of the A.S. logo consisting of fourteen HD screens. Cnario Suite allowed for the seamless display of media, showcasing active people partaking in a variety of outdoor activities in beautiful settings. The striking display invited customers to be a part of the adventure. Cnario Suite allowed for visual demonstration which targeted the emotions of shoppers and triggered the desire to purchase products so that they could join the adventure too.  Increasing impact and image, Cnario Digital Signage Suite provided purpose, visibility, and inspiration to all who enter the store. YCD was able to give A.S. Adventure a mind-blowing digital signage solution that mesmerized all who experienced it.

YCD's Cnario Suite engaged all who entered the Antwerp A.S. Adventure store, allowing them to feel like an adventurer from the very start. The information and videos displayed on the video wall encouraged shoppers to explore more and to push the boundaries. Aiming for emotional impact, Cnario Digital Signage Suite achieved A.S.'s goal of encouraging customers to join the journey; resulting in the purchase of various active lifestyle products and reinvented the typical shopping experience.

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